Sunday, September 11, 2011

Affiliate Marketing : Let’s Talk Traffic

If you’re just getting started in Affiliate Marketing, one of the most important things you need to learn about is traffic –  what it is and how to get it.


Although it’s somewhat of a cliche, the truth is, “the money is in the list” –  that means YOUR list, not other peoples whose products you sell – at least not if you want to be successful.

Here’s why. As an affiliate, your job is to find people who will buy the products you promote, right? So to in order to do that, you need to write an ad (or hire copywriters to write it for you), and send people to a Website where they buy the product.

BUT – there’s a serious problem with using this method. Do you see what it is?

Anywhere from 60 to 95% of the people you send to the sales page probably aren’t going to buy the first time.

1. Most people want to be certain that they’re making the right decision, so they usually need to see or hear from you somewhere between 5 to 12 times before making a decision.

2. If you’re paying for the ad and sending people to the seller’s Website, the ones who don’t buy disappear forever. (And neither you nor the seller will benefit.)

3. Of those who do buy, if you’re only sending them to the sales page, YOU still lose forever because you have no way of knowing who they are.

 The solution:

1. Write your ad and send prospects to a well-written squeeze page – YOUR squeeze page. (A squeeze page is a single page Website that has one purpose – to convince prospects to give you their contact information. Squeeze pages should be simple – no flash, no links, and if you use a graphic or photo, keep it simple and make sure it relates to the purpose of the page. How do you convince prospects to give you their contact information? Give them information that is what they expect to find and is useful to them.)

2. Offer an incentive to get their contact information. (This could be a free report, a free newsletter, an audio or video product – just make sure it’s related to your niche or product.)

3. After they’ve opted in to your autoresponder, send them to your sales page.

4. Follow up  on a regular basis – mixing good information, free bonuses and additional products.

Then simply keep repeating these steps. (Once you’re making money from your first product, move on to the next and then the next .
The best thing about this is you can set most of it up on your autoresponder, so you turn it into a “system” and it runs “almost” on autopilot. (There is NO SUCH THING as a business that runs 100% on autopilot – and don’t believe anyone who tells you differently.) Any business – real business – takes work and effort. But by setting this system up this way, your autoresponder does most of the work, and you will only need to do simple updates and make sure you keep fresh information flowing.
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