Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Inflation rose 1.7% in the last twelve months and consumer prices are up 0.4% . Cost of living for American households increased for several reasons but mainly because of a 4% spike in energy costs . We all know oil prices rose which caused gas to rise 6% .Combine all these statistics with fact that consumer confidence is at an all time low and the unemployment rate at an all time high you wind up with a volatile stock market . I myself am having a hard time paying the bills and am only buying absolute necessities . Now with all the problems and current market trends the internet remains very stable . Whats that mean to you you might ask , well it’s an ideal way to generate income and how much or how far you go depends on you . There are a great many affiliate sites to join one is through Anthony Morrison at . Go to Anthonys site and you can purchase one of two books , Advertising Profits From Home or Hidden Millionaire . When you purchase the book you get your own website free . But there are many other options if you just go too your search bar and type top ten websites you'll find some options . My recomendation is before you get started you need the right mindset . One helpful publication I found was As A Man Thinketh by James Allen it's more than 100 years old and as relevant today as when it was written ! Don't let the title mislead you because of when this was published it says man but at that time things were much different it actually applies to men and women alike . Google , Bing , and Yahoo are search engines you can use to find As A Man Thinketh just type and look .

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  1. A great place to read As a Man Thinketh is:, or you can view all of James Allen's works at