Monday, March 29, 2010

S.E.O. Lottery

SEO or search engine optimization if you find yourself asking what is that well I've already lost you . First and foremost you have to know what seach engines are and who are they . Anytime you search for something on the wonderful world wide web you most likely use a search engine . Some of the biggest are Google , Bing and Yahoo most of us type a question or a product we are looking for and get a list of choices . If anyone has a website their goal is to make it too the top of that list or at least in the top ten thousand . Now you've got the basics of understanding what a search engine is lets move on to the bigger picture , getting to the top of that list .
Search engine optimization is very complicated and the average Joe doesn't even know what it means . Basic interpretation is when someone has a website with unique , relevant content that's setup in a way to make it easy for these searh engines to read and rank them for searches . The odds of making it into the top ten percent of the search engine are about as good as the odds of winning the lottery . Thats about the number of people in the United States to one or let me phrase that a little differently . Unless you started your site on the internet when it was brand new and still wide open you stand as much chance as that proverbial snowball .
If all that means absolutely nothing to you well you might as well stop reading and go on with what little time I've already wasted and do something you enjoy . Maybe play video games or watch T.V. or something whatever you enjoy . How ever if your still reading this you must be facing the same problem the rest of us are , getting to the top . To be continued ... but if you can't wait , go to the top of the page and click on the title , however I plan on adressing a lot more on optimization in future posts .2W6UBGT2WB47

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