Monday, March 29, 2010

S.E.O. Lottery continued

Search engine optimization or S.E.O. starts with your domain name and carries on throughout your entire website . First don't make the same mistakes I did number one on my screw up list was using my first initial and last name with 2 numbers to for my domain name . It looks like this OK wrong . Go ahead try it I'm on top yeah but who's going to search for an mhutton . Or better yet you can type simply mhutton62 their I am but who cares nobodies looking for that . Unless I have a brick and mortar business and my customers want to find me , then it's great . Most of the guru's will tell you to incorporate a keyword or phrase in your domain name then your company name . So here it goes OK wow , a little ridiculous isn't it hmm . If it won't work for you either , that's obviously to much to type . Well not too worry you can still get recognized if you incorporate your keywords in the body of your site articles . In case you haven't noticed yet I'm not an Internet guru or a millionaire . But I can tell you what not to do from experience , in other words , I've tried some of these programs and most don't work . Some programs will but they require a large investment others tell you their free or it works while you sleep .Another half truth is you only have to spend 4 hours a week or 30 minutes a day . Here's one become a millionaire in 24 hours guaranteed , OK the only way that's possible is if you have a team of people running your business for you like they do . Or here's a great one that's used , you don't have to know anything at all about marketing or the Internet . OK enough of that we've all seen these programs and know what they're all about and they don't make money with the same program their selling you on . Here's a secret , they made millions off of people just like you and me . The best way to start your business is to find your niche , niche marketing is when you sit down and make a list of things you enjoy , hobbies , sports , cooking , gardening and use that to find something you'll enjoy marketing . The status quo is if you like what your doing you'll stick with it.
Niche marketing is the newest thing , what you do is go to your search bar and think of a product that fits your interests , type a search and see how many results you get if it's like 200,000,000 well that's most likely a bad choice so keep trying till you find one some where around 200,000 or less but not under say 50,000 . For instance if you like fishing try fishing poles now you probably have about 15,000,000results so try a key phrase like freshwater fishing poles . Any way your getting the idea so now you can refine your niche search with keyword search tools like or . Their is an easier option if you want too take all the guess work out of the equation . I subscribe to a newsletter from a website called who has an affiliate with a site called Be Biz even if you don't join Be Biz I recommend signing up for Internet Marketing's newsletter they have awesome tips and advice on marketing and promoting your company . Now your going to use your keywords to look for customers who are basically looking for what you want too sell but their aren't a lot of suppliers advertising to them . Once you feel comfortable with your choice it's time to build a site around your niche and pick an appropriate domain name to fit your niche . to be cont...

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