Friday, April 2, 2010

What is S.E.O.

Search engine optimization is setting your website or blog up in way to make it easy for search engines to read and crawl with spiders . No not the kind you want to smash . Spiders are like tiny robots that crawl your page and send all their data back to search engines . Optimizing starts at the top of your page and follows all the way through your entire site including the pages you link too . These spiders use meta-tags to find their way . Meta tags are written into HTML on your site , so if you don't know how to write HTML your going to have a hard time optimizing . Relevant , unique or interesting content are some of what they look for when picking where to rank you in their indexes . Let me break it down for you here's whats involved , title tags , heading tags , description tags , keywords , site map , site tags and content tags . Pretty daunting when it's all listed but there are companies that will optimize your site for you at a premium . But you do have options you can purchase software to help you optimize , try it yourself or some hosting sites make it easier if you build your site with them . is one that i use and they have a spot where you enter some simple information and they convert it to HTML for you . If your thinking , I can't do this and get in a bind they have easy to understand examples right there . I also have a full package offer on my site where you can register , build , optimize and market yourself with a top ten company that's listed with J.D. Powers . If your writing a blog there already optimized for you just make sure your writing is informative unique and relevant . Be sure to include your keywords or phrases , a rule of thumb commonly accepted is at least three times or it won't be seen and not more than five times or you'll be rejected for keyword stuffing . When writing a description for your website you want to sell your site but don't make it a sales pitch , leave the call to action out . If your counting on ranking in the search engines you want too narrow the competition so investigate you keywords thoroughly and consider key phrases .

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