Monday, March 29, 2010

S.E.O. Lottery continued

Search engine optimization or S.E.O. starts with your domain name and carries on throughout your entire website . First don't make the same mistakes I did number one on my screw up list was using my first initial and last name with 2 numbers to for my domain name . It looks like this OK wrong . Go ahead try it I'm on top yeah but who's going to search for an mhutton . Or better yet you can type simply mhutton62 their I am but who cares nobodies looking for that . Unless I have a brick and mortar business and my customers want to find me , then it's great . Most of the guru's will tell you to incorporate a keyword or phrase in your domain name then your company name . So here it goes OK wow , a little ridiculous isn't it hmm . If it won't work for you either , that's obviously to much to type . Well not too worry you can still get recognized if you incorporate your keywords in the body of your site articles . In case you haven't noticed yet I'm not an Internet guru or a millionaire . But I can tell you what not to do from experience , in other words , I've tried some of these programs and most don't work . Some programs will but they require a large investment others tell you their free or it works while you sleep .Another half truth is you only have to spend 4 hours a week or 30 minutes a day . Here's one become a millionaire in 24 hours guaranteed , OK the only way that's possible is if you have a team of people running your business for you like they do . Or here's a great one that's used , you don't have to know anything at all about marketing or the Internet . OK enough of that we've all seen these programs and know what they're all about and they don't make money with the same program their selling you on . Here's a secret , they made millions off of people just like you and me . The best way to start your business is to find your niche , niche marketing is when you sit down and make a list of things you enjoy , hobbies , sports , cooking , gardening and use that to find something you'll enjoy marketing . The status quo is if you like what your doing you'll stick with it.
Niche marketing is the newest thing , what you do is go to your search bar and think of a product that fits your interests , type a search and see how many results you get if it's like 200,000,000 well that's most likely a bad choice so keep trying till you find one some where around 200,000 or less but not under say 50,000 . For instance if you like fishing try fishing poles now you probably have about 15,000,000results so try a key phrase like freshwater fishing poles . Any way your getting the idea so now you can refine your niche search with keyword search tools like or . Their is an easier option if you want too take all the guess work out of the equation . I subscribe to a newsletter from a website called who has an affiliate with a site called Be Biz even if you don't join Be Biz I recommend signing up for Internet Marketing's newsletter they have awesome tips and advice on marketing and promoting your company . Now your going to use your keywords to look for customers who are basically looking for what you want too sell but their aren't a lot of suppliers advertising to them . Once you feel comfortable with your choice it's time to build a site around your niche and pick an appropriate domain name to fit your niche . to be cont...

S.E.O. Lottery

SEO or search engine optimization if you find yourself asking what is that well I've already lost you . First and foremost you have to know what seach engines are and who are they . Anytime you search for something on the wonderful world wide web you most likely use a search engine . Some of the biggest are Google , Bing and Yahoo most of us type a question or a product we are looking for and get a list of choices . If anyone has a website their goal is to make it too the top of that list or at least in the top ten thousand . Now you've got the basics of understanding what a search engine is lets move on to the bigger picture , getting to the top of that list .
Search engine optimization is very complicated and the average Joe doesn't even know what it means . Basic interpretation is when someone has a website with unique , relevant content that's setup in a way to make it easy for these searh engines to read and rank them for searches . The odds of making it into the top ten percent of the search engine are about as good as the odds of winning the lottery . Thats about the number of people in the United States to one or let me phrase that a little differently . Unless you started your site on the internet when it was brand new and still wide open you stand as much chance as that proverbial snowball .
If all that means absolutely nothing to you well you might as well stop reading and go on with what little time I've already wasted and do something you enjoy . Maybe play video games or watch T.V. or something whatever you enjoy . How ever if your still reading this you must be facing the same problem the rest of us are , getting to the top . To be continued ... but if you can't wait , go to the top of the page and click on the title , however I plan on adressing a lot more on optimization in future posts .2W6UBGT2WB47

Friday, March 26, 2010

minding the gaps

minding the gaps

Apple has shown their technology savvy by introducing the iPad and now everybody is jumping at the chance to build applications for them . Whats next for Apple , who knows but they just showed their value in the marketplace . Here are just a few apps.

Thursday, March 11, 2010
We have built this site around the motto Affordable Quality . Everyone is looking for quality products at affordable prices , if not you should be . There are links to top companies that have earned a reputation for quality products on this site . But it's taking a while to find everything you need and placing a link on here . We appreciate all our customers and hope you'll keep coming back till you find what you need fast and easy .